Aruba 🇦🇼 Drone – solar day Dreaming

Aruba 🇦🇼 Drone - Day Dreaming

This is a small collection of drone shots I filmed during 2020 in Aruba.
It’s intended to show what you might live missing 😉 Hope to welcome you soon!

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Video Locations:
0:01 Divi Beach
0:05 West Punt Beach (West Point Beach)
0:09 Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Online Casino Italy
0:14 Aruba Cruise Terminal (Oranjestad)
0:19 Aruba Aloe Factory Museum & Store
0:25 Shark Bay
0:30 Malmok Beach
0:37 Arashi Dunes
0:44 Centro di Pesca Spaans Lagoen (Fishing heart)
0:47 Divi Aruba Phoenix hotel
0:52 Westpunt Boca (West Point Bay)
0:56 Riu Palace Aruba (beach side)
1:01 Salt Ponds road to Santo Largo Beach
1:12 Spaans Lagoen (Spanish Lagoon) with old and new bridges
1:18 Barcelo Hotel Aruba (beach side)
1:23 Sero Colorado (Colorado Hill)
1:31 Fofoti Tree at Eagle Beach
1:38 bluish Aruba apartments
1:43 California Lighthouse
1:51 Tres Trapi Beach (jump)
1:55 Tripod span
2:01 Marina Pirata Restaurant
2:08 Manchebo Beach + Costa Linda Beach Resort (beach side)
2:15 Eagle Beach linea park, playground and parkinglot
2:20 Tres Trapi Beach
2:24 Casibari Rock Formation
2:41 Casibari Rock Formation (sunset)

-Ventura Voyage past Pala (Soundstripe)

About me:
I am a Travel Consultant with over 20 years of experience in group travel and land packages etc. After several requests I started doing Travel Vlogs in late 2018 and more actively Aruba Walks & Vlogs in 2020.

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